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Executive Coaching

I cherish the privilege that I get given by various C-Suite Executives to be part of their journeys as they seek a pathway towards livening and fulfilling their life-purpose.  My life-purpose is to be a Trusted Counsellor to World-Class Leaders who seek to leave the world a better place.

Against this backdrop I on a limited and select basis, accept assignments from C-Suite Executives ideally on EXCO,s. Or in a next career move transition towards being appointed to an EXCO. I work with these Executives on a three-way Executive Coaching relationship which includes the Executive and their immediate Leader often a Chairman or CEO.

I already have a full load of young people that support and engage with in my spiritual community and various other community-based initiative. My ability to offer Coaching and Mentoring to young people below C-Suite or those in the early stages of their career is very limited. I am only able to take on new mentees when current mentees I am supporting graduate from their current coaching | Mentorship assignments with me.