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LionThree is now affiliated with Equilibrium

As a majority shareholder of EQUILIBRIUM Consulting, Mpho is excited about the opportunity to position EQUILIBRIUM as a leading strategic partner, with the primary focus being in the field of Leadership Development.


EQUILIBRIUM Consulting offers a fresh and experiential approach to personal and team Leadership learning, development and coaching.

EQUILIBRIUM offers accomplished facilitators with broad facilitation experience at all levels of management. Along with their Associates, the Shareholders and Directors have extensive business experience.  They have held several management positions throughout their careers.  Together with this wide-ranging business and leadership experience, EQUILIBRIUM also incorporates the financial background of a CA(SA) which makes the business uniquely qualified to consult on all matters (including financial ones) to organisations of various sizes.

At EQUILIBRIUM We are passionate about working with individuals and teams who are eager to embark on a journey of exploration, discovery and growth.

Our work includes, but is not limited to, the areas of career development; performance management; talent management; emotional intelligence; business driven action learning; personal development; individual and team leadership; value based management & leadership; employee engagement; change leadership; individual and team coaching; and culture change.

As opposed to traditional learning and development, the EQUILIBRIUM process also includes experiential workshops engaging with the horses. These workshops provide individuals with instant, “live” feedback on their leadership style and overall leadership effectiveness. Working directly with the horses and the EQUILIBRIUM team of coaches, individuals are able to practice in real-time, what steps they need to take to unleash their personal power.